Example of Internet/Telephone Consulting to a Pizzeria


Based on our telephone conversations and emails, I have concluded that your major goal is to increase sales.


Increase Sales

Major Problems

Our correspondence determined that you are losing opportunity sales by not serving many potential customers who do everything on their phones.

Possible Solution

One possible solution would be to have an interactive website. A website where people could place their order and pay on-line. The website would allow the customer to place their order as follows:

  1. Choose the size
  2. Choose the crust if applicable
  3. Choose the toppings
  4. Choose pick-up or delivery.
  5. Then pay which might be required for on-line ordering.

How to implement

Hire a web designer to construct an interactive website. Web designers are like pizza establishments. There are many and it does not have to be expensive. Be aware that there are two ways to have a website. You own the website and hire a web designer to build it. Then you only pay the webhost. The other way is you pay a company to build the website and pay a monthly maintenance fee.

I also urge you to talk to your bank about this. You should open a separate account just for the website and periodically (daily or weekly) have your money from the website sales put in the main account. This would give you protection against hackers.

Also have 1000 flyers printed and have them delivered to all houses and businesses in a 1 mile radius letting neighbors know about your on-line service and delivery and the web address and phone#. On your flyers challenge your potential customers to compare your pizza to your competitors especially the major pizza chains.

Before Implementing the Marketing Plan

This idea assumes that your product (pizza) is as good as or better than the pizza chains.

  1. Make sure your pizzas are consistently good. Start with the crust. Retrain all workers who prepare the crust ensuring that the yeast is prepared properly as some recipes call for the yeast to be mixed with water within a certain temperature range.
  2. Your sauce should have a distinct flavor but the taste should not be overpowering. If you don’t make your sauce from scratch, then you need to doctor up the canned or bottled sauce you use. Adding such ingredients as oregano, basil, and a bay leaf could improve the taste. (The bay leaf will sit in the sauce overnight then be removed)
  3. Use good quality cheese that is grated in-house.
  4. Make sure all toppings are fresh and handled properly.
  5. Make sure the ovens are clean and don’t leave a residue on the pizzas.

The marketing plan with on-line ordering will bring you customers but it is up to you to make them come back.

Good Luck

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