I can enter into an Agency Agreement whereas I will represent an individual or organization in pursuit of any legitimate business objective.

I will work as an agent in the search process for a manager or administrator.

I will represent and advise an individual or organization in their quest to contract with an expert in a specialized field. I will be a liaison between any individual or organization and the specialized expert.

In other words, I can take the specialized experts evaluation or final report, and turn it into or assist you in developing management policy or management objectives.

I can assist any individual, including professional athletes, who want to act as their own agent.

As an agent, I have a fiduciary duty to the principal (person or organization that hires me) to act in your best interest.


$150 a month or $1200 a year if I work by phone or internet. Other agency relationships negotiable

Some agency relationships might require investigation before we enter into an agreement.

Note: My agency capacity does not include being an authorized agent or representative for a corporation, a requirement for corporations incorporated in one jurisdiction and doing business in another.