Entrepreneurs/Small Business Persons
Managers/Administrators/Executive Directors
Board Directors/Trustees/Legislators

Consultations include all facets of a client’s operations

I can help you achieve the 3 E’s. Efficiency-Effectiveness-Excellence

Individual success happens when an individual sets a goal Then devises a plan to achieve that goal

The keys to success are:

                  • Dedication
                  • Discipline
                  • Patience
                  • Faith

Entrepreneurs and The Small Business

Describe your situation and allow me to devise a plan of action.

Consultations include all facets of a client’s operations. Consultation to the small business includes:

  1. Startup
  2. Business Plan
  3. Problem Analysis/Troubleshooting
  4. Growth Planning
  5. Channels of Distribution
  6. Target Marketing
  7. Cost Analysis

I will walk you through every aspect of getting your business started. (See Entrepreneur workshop).

We will examine contracts so you know what the terms of the agreement you are getting into. Understanding the terms within a contract (especially commercial leases) is very important. With my advice you will be informed. I will help you protect yourself by instructing you to ask specific questions and then ask those agents or representatives to sign a document stating that you asked the agent of whatever company pertinent questions. We will then review the contract to make sure it reflects all parties’ intentions. In the event the contract is delivered after work has begun, and has a catch all phrase or some general disclaimer in small print, you are protected. The statement of questions and concerns that I will help you generate, can be used as evidence should there be a need for legal proceedings.

If salespeople state, “We will do this and stand behind our product or service”, and not sign a document stating in writing what they are telling you verbally, then at least you know the risks you are taking.

We can take your vendors standard contract that is totally favorable to them, and make amendments as a condition of doing business. At least then you will have some legal protection in the event that all their promises were a sales pitch.

If you have to go to court whether you are suing or being sued, we will greatly improve your chances for a favorable outcome. The best legal advice in business law actually keeps you out of court, and that is what my business consultations will help you do.

I can assist you with software selection for your individual operation and communicate to computer consultants/programmers what customizing features will enhance your operation. I can help you understand the capability of your technology equipment and how to use the technology to improve the management of your business.

If the business is not turning a profit or the profit margin is too low, we will identify the areas that need improvement and plan an appropriate course of action to improve the health of your business.

As the owner/manager of a business, you already have knowledge of the problems. The knowledge is already within you. I will bring the knowledge out that is within you. You only need to be shown how to approach problems and/or think systematically. Together we can identify the causes and discuss alternative solutions, select the optimal solution, and devise a back-up plan just in case.

Entrepreneurs A business starts with a Business Plan. "“An example of a Business Plan.

Many times before a formal business plan is created, ideas for the business will be written down in a pre-business plan. An example follows.“A Pre-Business Plan”.

Entrepreneurs as a small business person, you are also a sales person, please read. "“Sales".

Entrepreneurs here are a few quick thoughts for you to consider please read. "“A Note To Entrepreneurs".

Entrepreneurs here are a few quick Economic thoughts please read. "“A Quick Economic Note for Entrepreneurs".

Entrepreneurs in a Production Business, here is a quick note. "“A Quick Note For Entrepreneurs in A Production Business".

Entrepreneurs here are a few quick Legal thoughts Please read. "“A Quick Legal Note for Entrepreneurs".

Entrepreneurs Once your business is functioning, there will be times when you will have to design a business proposal for other organizations that you want to collaborate with. Here is an example of a business proposal. " A Sample Business Proposal”

Fees $150 a month unlimited questions by phone/e-mail or $1200 a year

Here is an example of a one month internet/phone consulting job that improved a clients business."“Consulting Example”.

As an entrepreneur, you are also a manager so please read the next section.

Managers/Administrators/Nonprofit Executives

I can be a personal advisor to any corporate manager, government administrator, or nonprofit director. With my advice, you will be compensating for your areas of weakness. By incorporating my knowledge with your strengths, you will become the complete manager.

I can advise you so you limit the liability of your organization. Together we will foresee potential legal problems and eliminate them before they become a liability for you or the organization.

I can help you take intelligent concerns to upper management or to the legal counsel of your organization. I can assist you with understanding or analyzing expert specialized advice and formulating organizational policy from it.

I can assist you with communicating to upper management and/or the technology department the needs within your area of responsibility. I can help you understand the essentials of your organization’s specific database. You can shine individually with my assistance as you communicate to programmers the necessary query requirements or reports that management needs to be more effective.

I can assist you in any and all of the following areas:

  1. Finance/Accounting
  2. Marketing
  3. Human Resource Management
  4. Technology
  5. Legal Issues
  6. Specific Operations
  7. Planning

For All Managers:

You are the new kid on the block – let me help you with your new management endeavor. Your organization does not need to know you have a consultant/advisor and I don’t need to know the name of your organization. Remember, the initial impression you give will stick. Also, remember even though you have position power, respect goes both ways.

Consultation and advising to the newly hired or promoted manager, public administrator, or executive director include:

  • The transition period
  • Evaluating the existing staff
  • How to effectively make changes

Bonus for visiting this website a paper on“The New Manager/Administrator”

The manager or administrator should always display professional behavior. Please read,“Professionalism”

The manager is a leader please read,“The Manager As A Leader”

Leadership is so important that I included a paper I wrote on leadership many years ago.“Leadership”

Managing workers today can be very challenging. Please read, “How Do You Manage Today's Worker”

Managers good customer service is one area that you must insure your team members understand. All managers should discuss good and bad customer service situations. Please read, “My Favoite Customer Service Story”

Managers at times you will have to communicate to upper management. Here is an example“A Letter to Upper Management”

Human Resoure professionals should read the following:“Human Resource Management”

For Government Administrators:

I will help you understand how the execution of your position relates to the agency objectives as a whole. I will also help you understand the budget functions:

(Appropriate – Apportion – Allocate – Obligate)

Statistical data can be manipulated to support any objective. For example, there are three averages--the mean, the mode, and the medium. I can help you analyze statistical data. I can help you retort your adversary’s argument by offering alternative statistical data or qualifying their data.

Here is an example of a Government Administrator answering a congressional inquiry.“Response to Congressional Inquiry”. Your staff will answer the inquiry and create letters to the Congress person and their constituient.

Educators please read the following. “A Letter To Mayor Fenty A Plan To Make A Difference”

Government Administrators should also read the information posted for,"Board Directors/Trustees/Legislators".

For Nonprofit Executives:

Consulting/advising includes assistance with fund raising strategies, grant writing, and strategic planning assistance. I can also assist you with developing a precise mission statement.

With the nonprofit organizations, we balance the best interest of the organization, to include employees with the expectation of contributors, and the desired mission of the organization with the understanding of applicable government regulations.

At times Nonprofit Executives Have to communicate with the public. Here is an example of communicating with the community, an article I wrote titled “Soup Kitchen Director Speaks Out”.

Sometimes it is necessary for a Nonprofit Executive to go above and beyond the call of duty. Click here for an example“Friend of Court Letter”. When you go the extra mile to help someone you can make a difference. Please read,“The outcome from going above and beyond”.

Nonprofit Directors wear many hats. You are a manager/administrator which incorporates leadership responsibilities. You also have fundraising responsibilities. You must promote the purpose of your organization. You also must find partnership opportunities with other organizations for the benefit of both organizations and the people you serve.

Click here for an example of a website:“Website Example”.

When this website was built, having a website was still a novelty. We accomplished so much in those days. The wish list was a major factor.

Click here for examples of Thank You Letters“Thank You Letters”.

Click here for examples to promote a nonprofit’s mission.“Nonprofit Mission Announcement”.

Church Leaders please read the Following, "What Church Leaders Should Know".

Church Leaders, I have experience with churches relocating to a building that had to be renovated and with churches purchasing land and/or buildings. The following is a Financial Analysis of a prospective purchase vs a lease with renovation. In either event, you can take the format and plug in your church's numbers. ""Obtaining A Church Home".

Note to Church Leaders: When constructing a new church or undergoing major renovations, always have insurance to protect the church's investment.

Fees $150 a month unlimited questions phone/e-mail or $1200 a year

Board Directors/Trustees/Legislators

This section is also for Chief Executives and Senior Managers both Government and Corporate.

All Government Executives and Legislators should be concerned over recent events. Please read,"Concern Over Recent Events".

On the issue of deportation please read "Deportation"

I encourage all Legislators, School Board Members, Superintendents, Mayors, and others with education responsibilities to read this. "Families on Public Assistance"

Many times a public official will make a mistake or say something that draws a negative reaction. Please read, "When Someone Makes A Mistake"

All Corporate Directors should read.“Policies Corporate Directors Should Review”

All Legislators and Government Executives should read.“Policies Legislators and Government Executives Should Consider”

All Sport Legislators should read. “Policies Sports Legislators Should Consider”

Here is an example of my ability to execute an analysis. Please read "The Problems With McDonalds An Analysis"

All Consultations are confidential. The following is piecemealed from various assignments and experiences. An example of a report after working within an organization. “In House Analysis”

Directors and Trustees please read the following. "Directors and Trustees Fiduciary Duties"

Corporate Directors and Corporate Lawyers faced with a merger or takover issue Please Read.“The Business Judgement Rule in a Takeover Setting” This paper is still relevant. Any attorney can shepardize the cited cases for the most recent rulings.

Fees negotiable

$150 a month or $1200 a year if assisting by phone or e-mail