Organizational Analysis

I want to help entrepreneurs, administrators, and nonprofit executives who want and need management expertise and cannot afford expensive consultants.

All analysis include:

                  1. Beginning conference
                  2. Discussion of Objectives
                  3. Discussion of known problems
                  4. Employee interviews
                  5. Review of any agreed issues
                  6. Closing conference
                  7. A one page report

The one page written report is a summary of the closing conference.

Organizational Analysis for a Business, Government Office, or Nonprofit are described below:

The benefits of an analysis is that the organization will be reviewed by an objective set of eyes and ears. Every aspect of an organization will be reviewed and analyzed.

All analysis and consulting are confidental and I will sign and give you a copy of the following Confidentiality Agreement.

The analysis is more of a qualitative review versus a quantitative review. In other words more substance over ratios.

The cost is $200.00 for a 1 day on-site evaluation. A $100.00 non-refundable payment will be paid in advance at the time of the appointment. The balance will be due upon receipt of the one page report.

The analysis will pay for itself by implementing the recommendations I make to you.

This one day on-site analysis is specially designed for the small business, government office, or nonprofit. A more indept analysis is available for medium to large organizations. See the "Consulting/Advising" link and scroll down to "In House Analysis". Fees for this type of analysis are negotiable.